Fur Vision® is where Saga Furs introduces new techniques from the experts in fur craftsmanship to the world of fashion. The annual events began in New York in 2000 and have since been held in London, Paris, Milan, Moscow, and many cities in Asia. During Covid-19 collection was presented in a more digital form and through the individual visits, but the tradition was continued and appreciated by the fashion world.

Fur Vision event is the starting point of creativity – the place where designers find inspiration for upcoming collections and learn about sustainability in fur. It is also an opportunity to meet the unique team of Saga Furs and explore the possibilities of a future cooperation, plus get help with connecting with the global network of furriers and manufacturers.

SAGA mink houndstooth scarf

Saga Furs helps designers realize their ideas and assists them in creating individual pieces or even an entire collection. That’s why Saga Furs has earned its reputation as The Designers Choice.

Every year this unique event showcases new innovative fur techniques and designs, all created by the product development team at the Saga Furs Creative Hub (previously known as Saga Design Centre). The ambition is to show fashion companies new ways of working with fur and inspiring them to create new collections and bring fur to a new level. And just like that, fashion runways always feature Saga Furs products and craft techniques developed in Saga Furs Creative Hub – the new home of global fur fashion.

From now on the Creative Hub is located in the capital area of Finland, in the same building as Saga Furs’ headquarters and the auction room, which brings together Saga Furs’ experts in fur craftsmanship, grading, sustainability and a lot more. “Bringing the Centre to our Head Office in Finland closer to our suppliers and our core business operations was a natural next step for us,” explains Saga Furs CEO Magnus Ljung.

Soren cutting Soren crochet weave

Woven mink and ribbon Vivid mix hanging

Mink and crochet Mink and star pleat

The company still retains a small unit in Denmark of two furriers and one designer. But, legacy furniture and a wall of fur fashion retro photo frames have been brought from the Design Centre and installed in the new space at the Saga Head Office. The combined effect is a distinctly Scandinavian feel, characterized by clean lines, clear surfaces, natural wood tones and a lot of natural light.

The Hub is also a place for educating stakeholders on broader sustainability issues. “Sustainability and transparency are becoming increasingly important to fur fashion consumers,” says Marja Tiura, Executive Director of the Finnish Fur Breeders Association. “They want to know where their products came from and how they were produced.”

Mixed woven mink + ribbon Soren mink crochet

Mixed neon fox Graphic green animal mink

Saga Furs leads the industry with its strict farm certification program that holds its farmer suppliers accountable to the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental farm management.

Credits: Saga Furs