“Couture clients go to Fendi for something extravagant”.

Haute couture has always been the most valuable ticket to the greatest fashion-week cities, and quite rightly so.

From Paris to New York, people have always been swarming to attend fashion shows. Today, this peak fashion event is presented online and even so, it still manages to create a sense of awe through the mastery of haute couture.

This year, a digital dream was presented online, featuring the grandeur of eveningwear combined with the Italian finesse of the Fendi fashion house.

In front of the dreamlike backdrop of the Eternal City, Fendi’s haute couture collection highlighted the fashion house’s Roman heritage paired with its modern design perspective. Seen through Kim Jones’ prism, winter garments have been transformed into magnificent aethereal outfits intended exclusively for special appearances.

Impressive embroideries with refined details, lush fabrics and airy feathers add to these rare pieces the glamour of a golden age to which our nostalgia at the mere sound of the word “eveningwear” takes us back to. Even if the pandemic has placed the concept of eveningwear outside the realm of realism, if not out of season, this haute couture show can certainly be defined as being more contemporary than ever.

The collection’s success lies in the details, there where the Fendi fashion house puts all its mastery into elaborately incorporating real fur into its garments. Imaginative motifs have been transformed into an abstract canvas with alternating textures, delicate fur collars wrapped around long necks, as well as boleros, ruff collars and bomber jackets in their most contemporary and luxurious form, featuring ice-grey fur (and more).

Drawing its inspiration from Italian films and Pasolini’s neorealistic figures, Fendi makes quite an impression by taking us on a journey to much-desired cosmopolitan destinations.

The collection presents an architectural approach to fashion, where tiles are transformed into designs and forms strictly follow the curves of the human body. Small masterpieces are worn by the famous and eternal high priestesses of fashion: Kate Moss, Amber Valletta and Christy Turlington. Dramatic drapes and lace made from “patina” and “marble” all come together in a natural colour palette that finds itself intensely flirting with metallic hues.

According to Kim Jones, the designer of these fabulous creations, “couture clients go to Fendi for something extravagant”.

Aristocratic elegance at its best, in anticipation of next season’s collection, which we hope will dazzle us live from the catwalks of Paris.

By Maria Tzavara