Introduction to Jarrett Demetre and JDPHG LLC

Jarrett Demetre, the visionary founder and president of JDPHG LLC, has been a driving force in the creative entrepreneurship landscape for nearly a decade. Based out of New York, New York he embarked on officially transitioning from a freelance brand name in 2022, leveraging his extensive experience as an international award-winning, multi-published photographer, and fashion media executive to help others achieve their goals in business and entrepreneurship. What sets JDPHG apart is its focus on providing comprehensive business strategy and asset development tailored to the vast community of creative thinkers!

JDPHG’s Mission: Empowering Creative Entrepreneurs

The primary mission of JDPHG is clear: to empower creatives—ranging from photographers, makeup artists, stylists, app developers, entertainment names, videographers, to gallery artists. The firm extends its expertise to independent contractors, freelancers, and solopreneurs, guiding them through a transformative and often tumultuous and confusing process. Demetre’s goal is to facilitate the transition of these individuals into established, successful businesses, thereby enhancing their opportunities, reach, presence, and financial access.

The Inclusive Approach of JDPHG

One of the key highlights of JDPHG’s approach is its inclusivity, recognizing the diverse landscape of creatives. Whether someone is a solo artist trying to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship or a seasoned professional aiming to expand their reach, JDPHG tailors its services to meet each client’s unique needs and vision. This approach reflects Demetre’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by creatives at various stages of their careers.

JDPHG’s Consultancy: Beyond Creative Boundaries

As a modern consulting firm, JDPHG’s emphasis on “The Business of Creative ” aligns with the evolving landscape of the creative industry. Demetre’s experience with major businesses across finance, insurance, entertainment, marketing, fashion, and technology sectors has equipped him with one of the most versatile skill sets of a business consultant today. This background allows JDPHG as a firm, to offer insights that go beyond the conventional boundaries of creative entrepreneurship, providing a holistic perspective to its clients for their immediate needs and future projections.

JDPHG’s Unique Strategy in Business Development

The unparalleled nature of JDPHG’s projects are based on strong business foundations, great attention to detail, and a visionary creative strategic approach. With a designer touch, rooted in traditional principles along with a modernist understanding of brand interpretation, changing markets, and global architecture, JDPHG approaches modern business development through an analytical and open-minded approach for innovation!

Inspirations Behind Jarrett Demetre’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Demetre’s journey as an entrepreneur has been shaped by inspiration drawn from a rhue of influential figures, from Sean Carter and Tom Ford’s to Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama, and Tyler Perry have alll played pivotal roles in shaping Demetre’s approach and vision of growth and business evolution and trajectory have all provided valuable insights and inspiration as he navigates the dynamic landscape of creative entrepreneurship.

Jarrett Demetre’s Commitment to Creative Entrepreneurship

Jarrett Demetre’s story is one of passion, experience, tenacity, and a commitment to himself as well as empowering creatives in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Through JDPHG, he not only brings a wealth of experience to the table but also a genuine understanding of the struggles faced by creatives. By marrying creativity with strategic business acumen, Demetre has positioned JDPHG as a go-to boutique and upscale consulting firm for those looking to thrive in “The Business of Creative”.