MEN'S FOLIO's December/January 2024 Cover
MEN’S FOLIO’s December/January 2024 Cover

2024 opens with a bang as January 2024 sees Digitaria publish the first issue of MEN’S FOLIO Thailand. This will be the fourth regional edition of MEN’S FOLIO South East Asia’s leading Men’s fashion and lifestyle media — which is currently published in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Expanding into new horizons in the fashion and lifestyle media sector, Digitaria Company Limited, a prominent leader in the development and management of digital and print media content, influencer management, and event organization, has officially partnered with Heart Media Group to launch Men’s Folio in Thailand, a renowned men’s fashion and lifestyle media brand.

MEN’S FOLIO Malaysia’s December/January 2024 Cover

Mr. Ali Ziani, CEO of Digitaria Company Limited, expressed excitement about this new venture, highlighting the significance of Men’s Folio Thailand in the men’s media landscape. Established over two decades ago, Men’s Folio has become a key player in shaping men’s fashion and lifestyle. The magazine’s unique positioning and strong branding have garnered a substantial following, making it a valuable addition to Digitaria’s portfolio. The partnership marks a significant milestone in Digitaria’s expansion in the media industry.

MEN’S FOLIO Malaysia June/July 2023 Cover

This partnership is also about creating new opportunities and avenues for growth in the ever-evolving media landscape: Men’s Folio Thailand – published in Thai language – will be leveraging on Digitaria’s extensive network and resources to introduce innovative content, covering a wide range of topics from fashion and technology to lifestyle, motoring, and societal trends. The goal is to create a more dynamic, diverse, and engaging media platform that resonates with today’s Thai audiences while staying true to the magazine’s core values. 

MEN’S FOLIO’s October 2023 Cover

Ms. Pam Thien, CDO of Digitaria Company Limited also emphasized the importance of this partnership in strengthening Digitaria’s position as leading the digital scene in Thailand in the fashion and lifestyle media sector. The company is committed to delivering high-quality content and engaging experiences, especially online, to its audience. Men’s Folio Thailand is set to create refreshing new content and style, aiming to attract a broader audience and expand its digital footprint. Digitaria’s expertise in online and offline media strategies will play a crucial role in enhancing the magazine’s appeal to younger, digitally-savvy readers while retaining its core base of loyal followers. 

MEN’S FOLIO’s June/July 2024 Cover

Men’s Folio Thailand will operate in close partnership with Heart Media, maintaining the quality and integrity that its readers have come to expect. 

Olivier Burlot CEO of Heart Media Group shared, “This new venture with Digitaria, a solid and trustworthy partner in Thailand, will enable to push further the development of Men’s Folio as a 360 degree brand in South-East Asia. I am confident that Men’s Folio unique DNA and point of view and high-quality journalism will continue to inspire men in Thailand and resonate with them”.

Men’s Folio – launched in Singapore in 1997 – is present today in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and soon Thailand. 

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