Danny Minnick Pivot Nosegrab – LA Pool Private Art Commission

The world of art meets automotive luxury as renowned Hollywood artist, Danny Minnick partners up with Lamborghini Singapore for an exclusive exhibition helmed by Singapore’s Art Works Gallery. This inaugural exhibition showcases an exhilarating live art performance that culminates in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that blurs the boundaries of luxury, artistry, and lifestyle. Titled “18. Workz” the extraordinary exhibit will take place in the stunning 2,000 sqft space dedicated to decorative art, welcoming enthusiasts, collectors, and investors to immerse themselves in an awe-inspiring artistic experience. Art Works Gallery has also teamed up with Lamborghini Singapore to add another dimension to the immersive showcase.

Pool School” by Danny Minnick. The showpiece artwork for the “18. Workz” exhibition. Acrylic, gold leaf, oil stick on canvas 261.62 cm x 447.04 cm

“18. Workz” also marks Danny Minnick’s debut in Asia. Minnick, who already boasts an esteemed clientele that includes A-list celebrities like Robert Downey Jr, Jessica Alba, and LeBron James, will put his artistic prowess on show as he melds his signature street art style seamlessly with the luxurious Lamborghini Urus S highlighting the juxtaposition of beauty in artistry and machinery.

Danny Minnick’s “18. Workz” Logo

The “18. Workz” exhibition comes as Singapore continues to experience a growing demand for premium art experiences. Singapore has made waves in the local and International art industries as prominent artists the likes of Robert Zhao and BODHI have continued to make a name for themselves, elevating Singapore’s art scene to international heights. The recent Affordable Art Fair also demonstares a desire for Singaporeans to not only be exposed to art but to refine their taste and purchase pieces as well.

Chris Hallewell, COO & Troy Sadler, CEO of of Art Works

One Holland Village embodies Far East Organisation’s aim to leverage on this burgeoning market and poise themselves as a “vibrant cultural hotspot” where the Art Works Gallery will serve as “its pulsating core”. Collaborating with Lamborghini only adds to the dynamism of art and opens this exhibition up to a multitude demographics. “We are dedicated to elevating the art scene in Singapore and beyond”, says Chris Hallewell, the COO of Art Works. “With the growing demand for premium art experiences in Singapore, our new gallery launch is set to redefine lifestyles and inspire a visionary art movement”, adds Troy Sadler, the dynamic CEO of Art Works Group. “18. Workz” is just the start as Art Works Gallery aims to showcase the finest decorative art in the region.

“18. Workz” takes place on 9 December 2023 from 5pm to 6pm at One Holland Village Square and Art Works Gallery, Holland Village, Singapore

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