Alistair Darling: Gordon Brown says briefings against ex-chancellor unfairPublished2 hours agoShareclose panelShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingBy Joshua Nevett Political reporter, BBC NewsFormer Prime Minister Gordon Brown has told the BBC that any political briefings against the late Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling were “completely unfair”.Mr Brown hailed the “integrity” and “wise judgement” of Lord Darling following his death aged 70 this week.Lord Darling is best known for steering the UK through the 2008 financial crisis in Mr Brown’s government.But the relationship became rocky after disagreements over economic policy.In the summer of 2008 – and not long before the collapse of major banks that floored the global economy – Lord Darling warned of the worst financial crisis in decades.This resulted in a backlash from those close to Mr Brown, with Lord Darling later remarking that the “forces of hell” had been unleashed on him.Alistair Darling obituary: A steady hand in an economic crisis’Serious, discreet and driven by fairness’Salmond praises ‘formidable’ indyref rival DarlingLord Darling also fell out with Mr Brown over the need for spending cuts after the significant increase in government borrowing during the financial crisis.In an interview for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Brown said he did not “know much about” the political hits against Lord Darling.In government, Mr Brown said, some people brief lines to journalists “on your behalf who you don’t even know the names of”.”So some of these things happen and you’ve got to apologise afterwards,” Mr Brown said.When asked if he had apologised to Lord Darling afterwards, Mr Brown said: “If there had been a briefing against him that was attributed to me, yes of course. “It was completely unfair. And I never believed this surreptitious way of dealing with politics is in any way honest or something that can be defended at all. It’s difficult.”Media caption, Alistair Darling “showed great wisdom in everything he did” says Gordon BrownMr Brown said at one stage, he offered Lord Darling the role of foreign secretary but he refused it because he wanted to remain chancellor.The former Labour prime minister said he did not think Lord Darling “got much credit” for shepherding the UK economy as half its banking system collapsed.”Alistair deserves a huge amount of credit for the economy recovering so quickly after the fatal blows of the banking collapse so that by 2010 the economy was growing again,” Mr Brown said.You can hear the full interview with Gordon Brown on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Friday, or listen later on BBC SoundsRelated TopicsLabour PartyMore on this storyAlistair Darling: Steady hand in an economic crisisPublished15 hours ago’Serious, discreet and driven by fairness’Published15 hours agoSalmond praises ‘formidable’ indyref rival DarlingPublished14 hours ago