Aloe Vera Gel Why Use It… or Why Not?

Aloe Vera Gel Why Use It… or Why Not?

Whether you are skeptical, or don’t know what Aloe Vera Gel is, then this article is tailor-made for you!

In this article we will talk about the famous Aloe Vera Gel and we will delve into some aspects of it, so in the end you will know exactly its potential.

Present on the market for a long time now, this Gel is an increasingly discussed product, but don’t worry, we’ll see it in detail now.

Nowadays “Aloe” is found everywhere, in medicines, hair products, and even drunk!

In this article, we will explore the world of Aloe Vera together, providing you with all the answers you are looking for.

More precisely, we will go into more detail shortly:

  • What Aloe Vera Gel is for: we will explain its properties.
  • Pure Aloe Vera Gel: delving into the extraction of the gel from the plant and how to understand if it is pure or simply isinglass.🐟

And then we answer some questions, which often come to people who still don’t know this gift of nature well.

  • What Can Aloe Vera Gel Cure? The many issues it can solve.
  • How is Aloe Vera Gel used? Practical examples for a simple application.
  • When not to use aloe Vera Gel? When you shouldn’t use Aloe Vera Gel and any problems it can cause.

I’m sure they will all be very useful to you!

Come on, let’s get started and see them one by one, below.

What Aloe Vera Gel is for and what it offers you

First of all you should know that Aloe Vera has been known for its beneficial properties for hundreds of years.

Consider that when Christopher Columbus set sail for the “New World” (now America) he wrote in his logbook:

“Everything is good, have Aloe on board”

Or: “Everything is fine, I have Aloe on board”.

This makes you understand what reputation this plant had already centuries ago!

Over time the uses only increase, discovering new processes and thus increasing the value of this plant.

But I think that you too, when you talk about “Aloe Vera”, immediately think of a “magical” natural remedy, right?

So here’s how these properties of Aloe Vera Gel make it this natural, “magical” cure:

  • ANTIVIRALS: its extraordinary antiviral properties, resulting from the action of aloe, make it a reliable defense against, for example, Herpes Simplex.
  • HEALING: the healing capabilities emerge thanks to a series of sugars present in the gel, which are involved in the synthesis of collagen.
  • SOOTHING: Soothing in case of sunburn or prolonged exposure to the sun , Aloe Vera Gel calms the reddened area and prevents the formation of sunburn blisters.
    For this reason it is also ideal after shaving or hair removal and offers relief when the skin is excessively dry and tends to be “tight”.
  • MOISTURIZING: its hydrating and humidifying power, derived from its ability to retain water, makes it a precious resource for dry and itchy skin on the face, body, arms, hands and feet.
    (Combined with substances such as Vegetable Glycerin, it intensifies its hydrating effects.)
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: the anti-inflammatory properties of the gel, with enzymes, sugars, salicylic acid and fatty acids, make it effective against redness, irritation, and acne and itching.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS: thanks to Zinc, Selenium and vitamins C and E it has an antioxidant action to protect the skin of your body from oxidative stress and free radicals that damage the body’s healthy cells, excellent for anti- aging.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL: Its antibacterial action is a valid support when inflammation is accompanied by bacterial proliferation.
  • SEBUM-REGULATING: its sebum-regulating and astringent abilities make it perfect for oily, impure or dry and sensitive skin.
    On the scalp, for example, it regulates sebum production and adds hydration to compresses, becoming a precious ally for your hair.

In every drop of this gel, you find an elixir of freshness and vitality, ready to help you reveal the best of you.

And you can’t do your best if you don’t know these things!

Aloe Vera Gel is a real panacea for your skin.

Especially if it is “Pure”. Let’s now see what we mean by Pure Aloe Vera Gel.

Pure Aloe Vera Gel: How to Find the Quality

Maybe you know the Gel but most likely you don’t know when a product can be called “pure “.

Unfortunately, however, to answer the question we must go into more detail and understand how Aloe Vera Gel is produced.

To begin with, it is necessary to say that purity is not only seen from the percentage of Aloe Vera Gel present in the product (still an important factor).

What you should be most interested in understands how the Gel is extracted from the Aloe Vera Leaf.

I’ll explain the process to you briefly…

The substance that forms the product is contained in the internal, fleshy part of the leaf.

This part is cut from the plant, filleted and scraped away excluding the bark.

We then proceed with the Stabilization of the Gel, a process that allows it to maintain its magnificent properties.

This is the simple but delicate process of extracting the Gel from the Aloe Vera plant.

Sometimes it happens that many products are presented as “pure” only because they have a high percentage of Aloe Vera in the product.

But that doesn’t mean it’s just Gel!

The need to save time and money pushes companies to process the entire Aloe leaf, including the external part.

The problem is that the bark contains ant nutrients, which compromise the final product

So when comparing products: Be careful.

Check that it is specified that it was produced by working only the Gel inside the leaf, discarding the Aloin contained in the external part.

Please always check, your skin deserves the best, and Aloe Vera can offer you all the benefits.

Sorry, before continuing with the frequently asked questions about Aloe Vera Gel, I wanted to tell you that we at VERA, for example, have a Gel that exactly respects the characteristics just listed and am produced 100% in Italy.
If you want to check it out I’ll leave the link here!

Well now let’s continue straight towards the answers to the questions that people and perhaps you too, ask when it comes to Aloe Vera.

What can be treated with Aloe Vera Gel? The Complete List of Aloe Vera Gel Uses

We need to fully explain what Aloe Vera Gel works on and how.

Let’s go deeper!

Here are the problems that this Gel can put an end to:


  • Sunburn: Its soothing and refreshing action reduces inflammation and accelerates healing.
  • Burns: Increases the regenerative capacity of cells which promotes the repair of damaged tissues.
  • Abrasions: The healing properties promote rapid healing of superficial wounds.
  • Insect bites: The anti-inflammatory effect relieves skin irritation caused by bites.
  • Cuts and wounds: Stimulation of cell regeneration accelerates the healing process.
  • Dry and flaky skin: Deep hydration restores softness and elasticity.
  • Cold Sores: Antiviral properties help manage and speed healing.
  • Psoriasis, acne and eczema: The soothing and anti-inflammatory effect supports skin recovery.
  • Wrinkles and signs of aging: Antioxidants such as vitamins A and E stimulate the fibroblast, contributing to the production of collagen and elastin, reducing wrinkles and signs of aging.
  • Oily skin: Normalizes sebum production, maintaining skin balance.
  • Irritations and redness: The soothing properties reduce unwanted skin reactions.
  • Canker sores and gingivitis: Antibacterial and soothing action to promote oral health.
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis: Fights inflammation and relieves discomfort associated with this condition.


  • Dry and damaged hair: Regenerates thanks to its nourishing and hydrating action.
  • Oily scalp: Regulates sebum production, keeping the scalp healthy.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis: Reduces the inflammation and itching associated with this problem.
  • Dandruff (dry and oily): Fights and prevents the formation of dandruff thanks to its antibacterial properties.
  • Itching and flaking of the scalp: Calms irritations, restoring the well-being of the scalp.

[Aloe Vera Gel is also excellent for your daily protection against smog, fine dust and smoke, preventing graying and premature aging caused by these factors.]

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed when reading some labels of natural skin care products…

For example creams or specific treatments for these problems, but they often contain Aloe Vera inside!

This makes you realize that it is a versatile and very useful elixir.

One thing you can agree with me on is that using this plant than using medicines is much healthier for your body.

It is the “Water” of remedies found in nature and is used for almost everything!

In the next paragraph you will discover how to use it to your advantage.

How is Aloe Vera Gel used?

Great, now let’s move on to the practical part!

Very soon you will understand how to apply Aloe Vera or what to mix it with for maximum well-being. 

Aloe Vera Gel is a touch of nature that should always find space in your skin care kits because it can also help you in other, sometimes more delicate, situations.

This versatile elixir becomes the ideal companion combined with complementary ingredients, creating targeted compresses to truly tackle anything!

Do you want to find out how to create your own personal solutions to use immediately and in every situation?

Fantastic! Take notes or save what we are about to tell you then:


– If your SKIN is DRY AND TIGHT, mix the gel with honey and a few drops of rose hydrolat to create an invigorating mask.
APPLICATION: Apply the preparation and leave it on for 20 minutes for rehydration with flakes.

– Fights ACNE with a combination of Gel, Honey, Thyme Hydrolate and Tea Tree Essential Oil, giving your skin a Regenerating Treatment.
APPLICATION: Apply the mixture of ingredients to the affected areas to obtain a purifying effect thanks to the sebum-regulating action.

– For POST-SHAVING, aloe gel is an excellent defense that calms irritation and burning with its soothing sweetness.
APPLICATION: Simply apply the Gel to the face in the freshly shaved areas.

– As a MAKE-UP REMOVER, it combines with olive or sweet almond oil, you will create a delicate mix to gently remove impurities and make-up.
APPLICATION: Use it easily as you would use other Gels or Cleansing Milk, with a cotton pad to remove make-up.


– AFTER HAIR REMOVAL, Pure Aloe Vera Gel becomes your ally against redness and potential infections and folliculitis.
– APPLICATION: spread it delicately on the newly shaved area to take advantage of its hydrating action (and if you choose VERA Gel , the delicate mint aroma will leave your skin even fresher and more fragrant).

– In case of SUNBURN, it becomes a natural bandage, thanks to its soothing and hydrating action it relieves pain and prevents the formation of blisters and the Anti-Aging effect.
APPLICATION: apply the gel on the burn and cover it with gauze, repeat the application 2 times a day for continuous relief.

– Also excellent for a SCRUB useful for removing dead cells in the skin, for a fresh look!
APPLICATION: add Aloe Vera Gel to a fusion of cane sugar and vegetable oil (for example coconut, jojoba, macadamia…)

– After PROLONGED EXPOSURE to the sun, it is excellent for hydrating skin dried out by UV rays, so you will maintain pigmentation!
APPLICATION: apply the gel to soothe and avoid flaking, a refreshing caress for your skin.


– For DRY SCALP AND HAIR, add it to compresses for dry hair and strengthen them.
APPLICATION: add a spoonful to your compress to make it more hydrating and revitalizing.

– PRE-SHAMPOO to deeply nourish and give strength to the hair.
APPLICATION: combine the Aloe Vera Gels with the castor oil and leave to rest for 1 hour. 

– FOR DRY AND RUINED ENDS, thanks to its hydrating properties it gives health.
APPLICATION: apply a few drops and no rinsing is necessary.

– If you have CURLY HAIR it helps you keep it beautiful and full of life.
APPLICATION: apply a few drops to each lock

– COMBINED WITH CONDITIONER to amplify hydration for softer and healthier hair.
APPLICATION: add 1 or 2 tablespoons to the conditioner you usually use.

– Against DANDRUFF (both oily and dry) calms itching, redness and flaking.
APPLICATION: apply it to the scalp as if it were a compress and let it act before washing

As you can see you can use it on practically everything!

Now you know the magic he is capable of! Especially when combined with other gifts of nature.

You will agree with me that this is a “must have” when it comes to wellness, right?

However, now, pay even more attention than before, because in the next paragraph you will understand how and when Aloe Vera Gel should NOT be used.

You will also see any contraindications, and whether it is appropriate to take them into consideration.

When NOT to use Aloe Vera Gel?

Even nature has its limits.

Find out when it is best to save your precious green resource in the form of Gel to avoid unpleasant side effects!

You understood the benefits and applications just now.

Reluctantly it must be said that the perfect cure does not yet exist, so Pure Aloe Vera Gel does not work for everything and everyone.

Read below to understand the cases in which Aloe Vera Gel may NOT work.

In addition to the benefits of Aloe Vera gel, it is crucial to understand when to avoid it.

Avoid application during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Do not use it if you experience hypersensitivity or risks of drug interactions, it is not recommended.

Obviously if you have already had allergic reactions with other Aloe Vera-based products, do not use it.

Among the Side Effects there is Erythema , Contact Dermatitis and Photo toxicity requiring caution, especially after sun exposure.

An interesting fact emerged from a scientific study is that Aloe Vera Gel could inhibit the healing of deep surgical wounds.

This valuable information definitely helps you consciously navigate the use of Aloe Vera, ensuring a positive and safe experience.

Conclusions on Aloe Vera Gel

Finally, to summarize, Aloe Vera Gel with all these properties has many benefits and thanks to concrete methods and magical mixtures you can cure your ailments and heal your pain.

👀 Keep your eyes open though; look carefully at the contraindications if they are not clear to you because they are really very important if you fall into those cases.

Excellent, now everything should be clear about the potential of Aloe Vera Gel and its uses.

Remember to choose the product with a view to quality and the assurances it can give , for example our VERA Aloe Gel which offers an incredible guarantee , that is, if you don’t like it you can return it and you will be 100% refunded !

This useful article is over; I hope it was useful to you.

The VERA Team