With the Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2023 fast approaching, LUXUO highlights the array of programmes available at this year’s Affordable Art Fair Singaporer for visitors of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and capabilities.

1. Arty-licious Evening

This is not your regular Friday evening. Arty-licious Evening is the perfect way to end the work week by mingling with a like-minded crowd who also enjoys art mixed in with socialising. Hosted in support of Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), every Arty-Licious Evening ticket sold will be donated to SCS in support of cancer patients.

Arty-licious Evening’s Programme Line-Up :

10 November, 7-7:20pm
Free of charge

A concise presentation on the intersection of mental wellness and art psychotherapy. This presentation will unveil the profound link between creative expression and mental well-being, showcasing how art psychotherapy serves as a potent instrument for emotional healing and self-discovery. Through this presentation, participants will acquire a more profound comprehension of the therapeutic role of art in the context of cancer and mental health care. 

10 November, 7:20-7:45pm
Free of charge

Singapore Cancer Society’s beneficiaries will participate in a “Show and Tell” session where they will reflect on their personal cancer journeys; how they transform and transcend their pain into gifts of hurt. They will share their experiences and explain how art psychotherapy has played a significant role in helping them navigate and understand their emotional terrains. 

Alcohol Ink Coaster-Making Workshops

Ongoing, 10-12 November
SGD25 per person. Registrations at Singapore Cancer Society, Level 3, Room E, Creative Hub

Master this artistic craft with the guidance of an art psychotherapist. Whether you choose to attend solo and forge new friendships or bring a companion, don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your talents and embark on your artistic journey.

Explore the techniques and strategies for working with alcohol ink on coasters, encompassing everything from blending, dilution, layering and sealing. Unlike conventional art mediums, alcohol ink’s reputation is built on its volatile and fast-drying characteristics. While this can make it challenging to master, the rewards are visually stunning. Once you have honed your skills, it unlocks limitless creative possibilities, allowing you to craft everything from artworks to homeware and beyond. On Arty-Licious Evening, audience can also get their hands on a Mug-Making Workshop!

2. Children’s Art Studio: Dream Explorers of Tomorrow

Presented by our Official Children’s Art Studio, Art Wonderland is presenting two fun activities for kids. Step into a world of boundless imagination! Dive into the depths of your imagination, where you can be anything you desire—a brave explorer, a mystical wizard, or even a whimsical astronaut. Here, the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and every dream takes flight. With captivating lights and shadows, it celebrates the power of desires, inspiring wonder and optimism. Discover the beauty within your dreams.

Workshop 1: Discover The Glow: Fluorescent Puppet Workshop For Kids
Ongoing (10-12 November)
Free of charge

Unleash your creativity and dive into a world of vibrant colors and glowing designs at this Fluorescent Puppet Workshop. In this activity, kids will craft dazzling puppets with fluorescent paper and oil pastels, igniting a riot of colors. The paper puppets will transform into enchanting masterpieces, glowing in the dark like magical creatures! Let’s dive into expressive play, using art to create stories and adventures.

Sign up for this workshop at Art Wonderland’s booth in the Children’s Art Studio, Level 3, Room E, Creative Hub.

Workshop 2: Create & Illuminate: Shadow Puppet Mini Theatre For Kids
Ongoing (10-12 November)
SGD 15 per person

A 50-minute adventure where young minds explore the wonders of light and shadow and craft their shadow tales! Equipped with enchanting lights, these boxes transform ordinary shadows into extraordinary stories. Join in to unleash your artistic flair, decorating your very own mini-theatres and breathing life into their characters. Guided by expert facilitators, this hands-on experience fosters imagination, artistic expression, and storytelling skills.

Sign up for this workshop at Art Wonderland’s booth in the Children’s Art Studio, Level 3, Room E, Creative Hub.

3. Workshops Run By Visual Arts Centre

Release your inner artist at the extensive range of complimentary and paid workshops offered by Singapore’s leading art teaching studio and The Affordable Art Fair’s Official Workshop Partner, Visual Art Centre. From palette knife workshops to nature-inspired postcard making, come get your hands dirty and learn the basics of art-making. Visit their booth at Visual Arts Centre, Level 3, Room E, Creative Hub.

Visual Arts Centre is also hosting a 90-minute live art competition for Children and Teenagers during the Affordable Art Fair, where participants are provided with the theme “Embracing Nature” and are challenged to create their own artwork. Register via their website here.

Roam free to interpret, create, and paint your own artwork, with all art materials provided. Engage your creative thinking skills and put your drawing and painting skills to the test! 

Thursday 9 November (Private View)

Complimentary Workshops:
– Design A Nature Inspired Postcard! (2:30pm, 4:30pm)
– Urban Sketching – Floral and Botanical subjects (3:30pm)
– Pair Sketching – Explore Line Drawing (6:30pm, 9pm)

Paid Workshops (SGD 35):
– Mini Bag Design & Painting (4pm, 5:30pm, 7pm)

Friday 10 November

Complimentary Workshops:
– Urban Sketching – Floral and Botanical subjects (11:30am)
– Design A Nature Inspired Postcard (1.30pm)
– Pair Sketching (6:30pm)

Paid Workshops (SGD 35):
– Mini Bag Design & Painting (12:40pm, 4:30pm)
– Embracing Nature: Children and Youth Live Art Competition, Children 9-12 years old (4:15pm)

Paid Workshops (SGD 48, 50 percent to charity)
– Boldness in Nature Abstract & Textural Painting – Palette knife & tools (6:30pm, 7:45pm)

Saturday 11 November

Complimentary Workshops:
– Botanical watercolour illustration (11:10am, 3pm)
– Design A Nature Inspired Postcard (1pm, 4pm)

Paid Workshops (SGD 35):
– Embracing Nature: Children and Youth Live Art Competition, Children 9-12 years old (11:30am, 2pm)
– Embracing Nature: Children and Teenagers Live Art Competition, Youth 13-18 years old (4pm) 
– Mini Bag Design & Painting (4:30pm)

Paid Workshops (SGD 90):
– Family Group Mural Painting (2-4 per group) (4:30pm, 5:45pm)

Sunday 12 November 2023

Complementary Workshops:
– Design A Nature Inspired Postcard (11.10am, 12pm, 4pm)

Paid Workshops (SGD 35):
– Embracing Nature: Children and Teenagers Live Art Competition, Youth 13-18 Years Old (11:15am, 1pm)

Paid Workshops (SGD 38):
– Chinese Ink Painting on Fan (1pm)

To find out more, head over to The Affordable Artfair’s website by clicking the link here.

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Sanjeeva Suresh