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U.S. Citizen Crosses the Rafah Border

Lena Beseiso, a U.S. citizen, described her journey from Gaza to Egypt.

We drove really fast to get here. Hopefully things will turn out just fine and we can be able to finally leave. We’re at the Palestinian side of the Rafah border, and let’s just hope we can make it through today. There’s a lot of people here. We are frightened, to be honest. This is putting our life at risk again. We drove so fast to make sure that we’d get here safely and make it to the border so we can depart in one piece. What’s going on? This is not right. Waiting for our passports. They’re going to be giving us a visa. Thank goodness we’re not hearing the sound of bombs. So terrible that we have to leave all those innocent people behind.

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Author: Shawn Paik and Anna Betts