Target’s recent decision to close several stores due to organized retail crime has impacted more than 500 employees across New York, Seattle, and Oregon. The closures are a response to the rising challenges posed by retail crime.

Employee Impact by Location

In Seattle, approximately 90 employees at two store locations will be affected, with closures set for Oct. 21. New York City will see a significant impact with 293 employees affected by the store closure on the same date. Additionally, 158 employees in Oregon will be impacted as their stores close down.

Company Response and Support

Target has emphasized its commitment to supporting affected employees, stating they will partner closely with eligible team members to facilitate transfers to other locations. Employees who do not transfer will continue to receive their regular pay until the end of December.

Addressing Persisting Retail Crime

Target’s decision to close nine locations stems from the persistent issue of organized retail crime, which inflicted $112 billion in losses on the industry in 2022. Despite efforts to enhance security and deter theft, fundamental safety challenges persist, prompting these closures.

Industry Perspectives and Policy Reform

Industry leaders and the National Retail Federation (NRF) have called for policy reform to address the growing problem of retail crime. Raising the felony theft threshold and reconsidering cash bail are among the initiatives advocated by the NRF to effectively combat retail theft. The need for collective action and policy adjustments is underscored to safeguard retail operations and communities.