| Photo courtesy of The Marylebone Cricket Club

The Marylebone Cricket Club is one of the most traditional entities dedicated to this sport in England. Making online sports betting from 1xBet bookmaker on this cricket squad is another great way to win great rewards.

This club has had plenty of important people during its history. Probably one of its most important members ever was Robert Allan Fitzgerald. He performed various roles in the club between 1854 and his death in 1881, including:

  • player;
  • secretary;
  • and administrator.

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A successful batsman and fast bowler

Fitzgerald is mostly linked with the Marylebone Cricket Club. However, he also played on other teams during his career. Some examples include Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, I Zingari, and Middlesex. You can try Casino 1xBet before matches from these clubs begin.

Some of his statistics include scoring more than a thousand runs in 46 first-class matches. Also, he had a top score of 91 runs in a single match. Overall, those statistics were excellent. However, Fitzgerald’s legacy would start to be cemented once he assumed the position of the Secretary of the MCC in 1863. You are welcome to try the 1xBet casino today, which can be used while waiting for other matches of various English cricket competitions too.

Being crucial for the improvement of cricket in his nation

Robert Allan Fitzgerald did various things as secretary of the Marylebone Cricket Club. However, probably one of the most important aspects of his tenure was improving the legendary Lord’s Cricket Ground. At the http://1xbetbd.com/line/cricket website, bettors can also place wagers on matches played here.

Before his assumption, the conditions of this ground weren’t the best. However, he worked hard to return it to its place as one of the most important cricket venues in the entire world. Fitzgerald also worked in organizing plenty of tours of various cricket squads. He was also tasked with organizing matches that were held at Lord’s.

Sadly, Robert Allan Fitzgerald died in 1881 at the age of just 47. He had resigned as secretary of the MCC five years prior after deteriorating health. However, in his relatively brief tenure as head of the club, he did remarkable things. The 1xBet website is great for wagering on matches from the MCC and plenty of other cricket clubs.