A purported insider from McDonald’s has taken to TikTok to shed light on what she claims the fast-food giant has been keeping under wraps. This eye-opening revelation includes the assertion that some of their menu items are pre-made and simply reheated.

In a concise 16-second video, TikTok user @blexican_shay83 unveils some secrets she believes McDonald’s has been concealing. She asserts that the folded eggs commonly found in the restaurant’s breakfast sandwiches are, in fact, “already made” and conveniently packaged.

The revelation continues as she nonchalantly displays a package of pancakes, stating, “Pancakes, look, they be made already, they just don’t do nothing but warm ’em up.”

She concludes her exposé by mentioning that even the burrito mix arrives pre-made, leaving viewers with a sense of surprise at the fast-food giant’s operational practices.

McDonald’s, renowned for its breakfast menu, promotes its breakfast burrito option as “the perfect grab-and-go breakfast” that features fluffy scrambled eggs, pork sausage, melty cheese, green chiles, and onions wrapped in a soft tortilla.

The TikTok video prompted a range of reactions from viewers. Some expressed astonishment at the behind-the-scenes insights, with one former McDonald’s worker commenting, “D— things have changed since I used to work at McDonald’s… we used to make all those eggs. But everything else was pre-made like pancakes burrito mix.”

However, others were less surprised, emphasizing the need for speed in the fast-food industry. People think about it; every fast food is like this… customers want their food fast. If everything was made from scratch, it would take forever,” one viewer remarked.

In a humorous tone, another commenter quipped, “Omg, you’re telling me fast food isn’t cooked by a gourmet chef using fresh ingredients???”

This TikTok revelation has undoubtedly sparked conversations about the inner workings of fast-food chains and the expectations of today’s consumers.